Is there a fee for modifying a booking?

If the modification concerns extended dates, additional guests, or extra charges, misterb&b will ask you to make a payment for the owed amount for making these changes. 

If the modification concerns a change that reduces the number of guests or days, we will issue you a refund for the owed amount. This is only possible if the host is willing to accept these changes. 

How is the penalty fee calculated?

When it comes to modifying bookings, our goal is to ensure transparency and fairness for all parties involved. Our system calculates the modification penalty based on two factors:

  1. Standard Fee: For bookings up to 150 USD/EUR, there's a flat fee of 15 USD/EUR. For bookings between 150 USD/EUR and 200 USD/EUR, the fee is 10% of the original booking amount. For bookings exceeding 200 USD/EUR, the fee is a fixed amount of 20 USD/EUR.

  2. Misterb&b Fees: We also consider any Misterb&b fees associated with the modification. This involves comparing the fees from the original booking to those of the modified booking as stated in our T&C.