Registration number in France

September 2022

DISCLAIMER. This page is only designed to give you some help in understanding the regulations you should comply with. We do not pretend the information provided here is to be exhaustive neither current. It is your duty to know and abide by the law. For more information, please contact your local authorities or a local legal expert.


In France, some cities are allowed to require the prior registration of short-term rentals (so-called "meublés de tourisme") located on their territories. For more general information on the regulations and taxes applicable to short-term rentals in France, visit our FAQ about "STR regulations in France"


Type of lodgings to be registered

Only "meublé de tourisme" must be registered with the City authorities, where it was made mandatory. A "meublé de tourisme" is any accommodations (either your principal and secondary residence, either you are the owner or the tenant), fully rented out to client for temporary stays only (days, weeks or months).

Therefore, the following types of short-term rentals are not required to register

  • Simple private rooms (so-called "chambres chez l'habitant") where the Host is still present in the accommodation, and;
  • Guesthouses(so-called "chambres d’hôtes") - however you must submit a prior notice (CERFA Form) to the city authorities. 


List of cities where prior registration is mandatory

Only cities that have implement the "changement d'usage" (change of use) for secondary residences, are allowed to makes prior registration mandatory for all "meublés de tourisme"(articles L. 631-7 à L. 631-9 du Code de la Construction et de l'Habitation).

Please click on the City name to be redirected to the relevant website where you can register your "meublé de tourisme":


How to obtain your registration number

  • Easy and free registration on line. You can register your "meublé de tourisme" online, easily and for free, via the online portal maintained by the relevant city. See above for a list of the relevant websites;
  • Prior authorization for secondary residence. When you are renting out your secondary residence (where you live less than 8 months per year) as an STR, you must obtain a prior authorization of "changement d'usage" (change of use) before completing your registration;
  • Information to be provided.  requise pour l’enregistrement. To register, you must provide: your first and family names, your address, your email address, the address of the "meublé de tourisme", its status as a primary or secondary residence, the number of rooms and beds available to Guests, and the qualitative rating of the lodging (by Atout France), if any. 
  • Registration number. At the end of the registration process, you obtain a registration number consisting of 13 digits (5 first digits being the INSEE code of the city).


Registration number in your misterb&b listing 

You must include your registration number in your misterb&b listing, on the "Legal and taxes" page from your misterb&b account.

We might be required deactivate any listing without the relevant registration number. Furthermore, please note we have to report your registration number, or its absence, in the occupancy tax reports we fill to the local authorities twice a year. 


Should I fill in a CERFA prior notice?

No. For "meublés de tourisme", the registration process with the City authorities replaces the CERFA prior notice.