As a host, what penalties apply if I need to cancel a reservation?

By canceling a booking that was already accepted and confirmed, you are, as a host, subject to some penalties. Indeed, by accepting a reservation, you have to understand that your guest made plans for their stay, and they will be put in a very uncomfortable situation if the booking is canceled. We ask you to kindly get in touch with the guest in order to inform them of the reasons for your cancellation. 

  • If the booking is canceled less than 7 days before check-in, then a penalty of 49 USD/EUR will apply
  • If the booking is canceled 7 or more days before check-in then a penalty of 19 USD/EUR will apply

In addition, misterb&b may keep the calendar for the listing unavailable or blocked for the dates of the canceled booking, or publish an automated review on the listing indicating that a reservation was canceled.