Portland, OR

This page has been created to assist you with understanding the regulations with which you, as a Host, are to comply. misterb&b is not a legal adviser. We do not contend that the information provided here are exhaustive nor current. It is your duty to know and abide by the laws.

We highly recommend that you read the Portland Zoning Code Chapter 33.207 (Accessory Short Term Rentals). We also recommend that you visit this informative page on the City of Portland official website. You can reach the Bureau of Development Services by calling the Planning & Zoning Hotline at (503) 823-7526.


Occupancy taxes

Operators of accessory short-term rentals (ASTR) must collect transient lodging taxes from their overnight guests:

  • City of Portland Transient Lodging Tax (6% of the rent): effective from June 2015, misterb&b collects, reports and remits this tax on behalf of its Hosts
  • County of Multnomah Transient Lodging Tax (5,5 % of the rent): effective from June 2015, misterb&b collects, reports and remits this tax on behalf of its Hosts


Hosts conditions in Portland

  • An ASTR "is where an individual or family resides in a dwelling unit and rents bedrooms to overnight guests for fewer than 30 consecutive days", according to Portland Zoning Code Chapter 33.207.
  • Thus you can only rent your primary residence.
  • A primary residence is defined as the dwelling in which you live at least 207 days per year; you will only legally be able to rent you unit in your absence for 95 days per year.


Types of accommodations in which ASTR is allowed

  • All residential structure types (houses, attached houses, duplexes, manufactured homes on its own lot and accessory dwelling units) as long as it stays accessory to a Household Living Use.
  • It is only prohibited in buildings subject to Chapter 13 of the Uniform Building Code in some cases (see Portland Zoning Code Section 33.207.040.A.5).


Rental permit process

You as a Host must apply for a rental permit at the Bureau of Development Services. Permit procedures may differ according to the types of ASTR you wish to operate:

  • Type A permit - 1 or 2 bedrooms rented out : it is required first to notice the rental activity to the neighbors (notice for 1-2 dwelling(s) structure and for multi-dwellings structure). A Bureau of Development Services inspection will be scheduled to complete the permit procedure. For complete information, visit this page about 1-2 Dwelling Structure Type A permit and this one about Multi-dwellings structure Type A permit.
  • Type B permit - 3-5 bedrooms rented out : the application for this permit will be reviewed for compliance with use-related regulations and standards of Portland Zoning Code Section 33.207.050. For complete information, visit this page about Type B permit.

Important : you must include the ASTR permit number on your misterb&b listings. You may do so when creating your listing, or later by connecting to your misterb&b account, click on your listing and then on "legal requirements and taxes" tab.


Business Registration 

  • ASTR is considered a business and have to be registered as such, within 60 days of starting.
  • You can register online.
  • You may be required to pay City of Portland Business License Tax and Multnomah County Business Tax (business grossing not exceeding $50,000 per year are exempted). See this official FAQ on these taxes.


Maintaining compliance

You must respect all municipal, county and State laws and keep tracks of your compliance.

  • Bedrooms you wish to rent must respect the Building Code requirements for a sleeping room (except bedrooms in multi-dwelling structures and in triplexes).
  • Bedrooms must be equipped with a smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm (unless there is no carbon monoxide source in the dwelling unit).
  • City of Portland may inspect your residence: details of the inspection process for Type A 1-2 dwelling structures ASTR here, details for other ASTR here


Updated in May 2018