Washington, D.C.

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Transient Housing License

Washington DC does not have a specific legal frame for short-term rentals. However, a rental unit may fit in one of the transient housing categories. If so, it is required to obtain the corresponding license. This portal on the official website of the D.C. Government provides use definitions and information about the licensing procedures. 


Basic Business Licence

Whichever the transient housing categories, rentals may obtained a Basic Business Licence. The registration and the fees payment can be processed online. Every applicant must complete the Basic Business Licence application and submit the supporting documents : 

Certain licensing categories may require additional information or documents : to get more accurate information, visit this portal. Also, unincorporated business tax may be assessed on rental activities : for more help about business taxes, visit this page


Use tax

The District of Columbia levies a use tax on transient accommodations (Section 47-2002.2 (A) of the District of Columbia Official Code). For more information about the use tax, visit this page on the official website of the D. C. government.

For more information about transient accommodations, visit the official website of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and the official website of the Office of Tax and Revenue.