How can I delete/deactivate my account?

You have two options when closing your misterb&b account:


1- Deactivation of your account: This option allows you to close your account temporarily. You can always reactivate your account by logging in to our site in the future.


2- Deletion of your account: This option allows you to close your account permanently. All data and information linked to your account is erased and unretrievable thereafter. If you wish to connect to misterb&b in the future, you will have to create a new account and start from scratch!


The following steps show you how to deactivate or delete your account:


Start by logging-in, then...


1 - Select MY ACCOUNT.


2- Then click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

3- Finally, you are now able to select either DELETE MY ACCOUNT or DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT.