Coronavirus COVID-19: Cancellation Policy

(Last Updated: September 8, 2020). 

Does the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis impact you? Will it impact your scheduled trips or prevent your next planned misterb&b guest from visiting? Here are some answers to your main questions about theCOVID-19. This information is updated regularly so keep coming back for the latest.

Our customer service agents are available by email preferably at this time. Please note that as we are  impacted by this global health crisis too, you will experience delays with customer service and maybe some payments. Please bear with us. Since March 16, 2020, the customer service is exceptionally closed every night from 1AM UTC until 8AM UTC.



For bookings made and paid before May 15, 2020 included, if the guest is unable to make the trip or get to the property he booked, misterb&b considers the cancellation as eligible to our Force Majeure policy.


What does it mean? 

It means that if you have a booking made and paid before May 15, 2020 included, anywhere in the world, and you cannot make the trip or cannot get to the property because of lockdowns or travel restrictions, your booking (except the misterb&b service fees, as per the Terms and Conditions) can be refunded, whatever the host cancellation policy is.  


Does it apply to all bookings?

Our Force Majeure policy doesn’t apply with Agency partners or Hotel bookings. For those bookings, each Professional Lodging Provider may declare applicable and/or require acceptance of their own terms and conditions for the booking. For any cancellation, modification or refund, we invite you to check with the Professional Lodging Provider directly (see our Terms & Conditions for Agency partners).

How do you know if your booking was made with an Agency Partner? Check the listing and search for “gay-friendly agency selected by misterb&b” in the “About the Host” section or “Type of accommodation: Agency Partner” in the “Property Rules” for hotels. If you can't find these mentions, then your booking is a standard misterb&b booking.


What happens if my booking was made and paid after May 15, 2020?

If your booking was made and paid after May 15, 2020, the booking is not eligible to our Force majeure policy, meaning the booking will abide by the regular cancelation policy set by the host and our Terms and conditions (there will be exceptions in case the guest or host have contracted COVID-19). There are 2 possibilities for the guests:

  • The host has a flexible cancelation policy: you can ask for a cancelation, you will be refunded for the total amount of the booking (except for misterb&b service fees).
  • The host has a strict cancelation policy: if you request the cancelation, you will be refunded for 70% of the amount of the booking (misterb&b service fees won’t be refunded). 

We recommend you favor "flexible cancellation policies" and we have updated our filters so that guests can easily chose listings with flexible cancellation policy or even free cancellation. 

Alternative: Please note that we have waived all of misterb&b modification fees until further notice. Instead of canceling your trip, you can postpone it, subject to the availability of the hosts (click here for more on booking modification).

Also, we have cut the host cancelation penalty by 50%, until further notice.


Is it safe to continue hosting or traveling?

As the situation evolves very quickly, we encourage misterb&b hosts and guests to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones when traveling or hosting. Please keep yourselves informed. Also, be kind and considerate when hosts or guests need to cancel their bookings.

There are ways to minimize the impact of the COVID-19, by following common sense measures and tips provided by international or local health authorities (e.g. by the World Health Organization). This is how we have established our Covid-19 Host Cleaning Protocol and our Guidelines for Travelers during Covid-19.


One last word from misterb&b

Thank you for your understanding and your business during these difficult times. We hope you and yours are staying safe. We’re doing all we can to weather this storm together with you to nurture and preserve the global LGBTQ community of hosts and guests as best we can in these difficult times.