Ranking of accommodation ("Classement")

August 2019

DISCLAIMER. This page is solely for the purpose of giving you an overview of the applicable rules. We do not account for the information provided here being exhaustive or current. 

In France, you can request a ranking (“classement”) for your accommodation, as a way to reflect the high quality and comfort of your lodging. This “classement” is ranked between 1 and 5 stars. More information about the ranking of accommodations here

While this is not an obligation, a ranking for your accommodation can give you certain advantages (see below). We highly advise you to consider this quality assurance!


How to request a ranking?

  • Atout France. Your application must be reviewed by Atout France (you can choose one of the accredited evaluator bodies). More information about the steps to follow here;
  • Decision of ranking. Upon the certificate of inspection, you’ll be able to accept the determined ranking or refuse it. Be careful, you have 15 days to refuse your ranking, otherwise it will be considered as acquired.
  • Validity. The ranking granted by Atout France will be valid for 5 years. 

You can add your accommodation ranking to your misterb&b listing via your personal account. However, you are solely responsible for the transparency of this ranking on your listing. 


What are the advantages of rating your accommodation?

  • Fiscal advantages. The ranking of your accommodation may enable you to benefit from residence and real-estate tax, as well as a lump-sum allowance concerning income coming from short-term rental;
  • Occupancy tax. The occupancy tax varies according to your accommodation ranking. Please note that the ranking of your accommodation may have an effect on the occupancy tax amount your guests will pay. This will make your listing more competitive than non-rated accommodations.


What obligations come with a ranking?

  • Display. The determined ranking must be displayed inside your accommodation, and must be visible to your guests;
  • Standards. In the event that there is a lack of/or insufficient maintenance of your accommodation, it may be removed from the list of rated accommodations by the respective authorities.