Why should I pay and communicate through misterb&b directly?

Our payment and messaging system streamlines the entire misterb&b experience, as we have integrated tools that will trigger a report any time inappropriate or suspicious messages are shared between users. This feature helps us protect you from dealing with a user who is breaching our Terms & Conditions, and therefore potentially exposing you too. 
Regarding the payment system, it is set up to give every user added assurance that the payment is secure. Once the payment is processed on the site, the funds are kept by misterb&b and are only released to the host 48 hours after the arrival of the guest.
Payments conducted outside of the misterb&b site expose you to fraudulent activities and scams such as phishing. We won't be be able to help if payments are not processed on the safe and secure misterb&b platform. Additionally, bookings will not be eligible for cancellation or refund policies, or other security benefits that are provided by misterb&b.
If you have any questions or doubts concerning a suspicious host or guest, please contact us immediately at trust.safety@misterbandb.com. Again, remember all transactions should take place directly on the misterb&b site, as it provides a safe and secure platform. misterb&b is not liable for transactions conducted outside of the platform.