How do I know if an email is really from misterb&b?

Sometimes people create fake emails or deceptive websites with a similar design to misterb&b. These websites are commonly used to steal sensitive personal information including passwords or bank account details. In the event that you receive an email or you are sent to a website that looks like misterb&b, but requests login credentials or any other confidential information, please be vigilant. We strongly recommend that when in doubt, access our platform homepage directly by typing: and continue from there.

If you believe you've been sent a suspicious or fraudulent email, please forward it to, and make sure you also include any attachments if possible. A specialized agent from our team will investigate this further to prevent it from happening again.

Please note that misterb&b will never ask you to process any payment outside of our site, or ask you to contact other users outside of the messaging system on our platform.