How can I make my password strong?

The objective of having a strong password for your misterb&b account is to make it near impossible for anyone else to access your account without your permission. The password you choose should be easy for you to remember, but not easy for anyone else to figure out. So no birth dates!

Do not use the same password for all your accounts

  • Do not use the same password as your social media or email accounts. This way, if one of your other accounts is compromised, it's less likely to impact your misterb&b account.
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis 

Password composition

  • The password should be between 8 to 10 characters long. The longer your password is, the harder it will be to guess.
  • It should also contain a unique mixture of letters, numbers and symbols (ex: #, &, $, !) 
  • Do not use a birth date or any other important date that could easily be guessed