I received a request, what do I do?

A traveler is interested in renting your place, exciting times! There are two possibilities about what the request might be for: either it's an inquiry to ask for more information or it's a reservation request. In the first case, you are simply invited to answer their message accordingly. In the second case, you will have 24 hours to answer the reservation request, and you can either accept or refuse it.
If neither action is undertaken during the allocated time, the traveler's request will expire automatically. By accepting the reservation request, you inform the guest that your accommodation is available for them, and you are ready to welcome them. If your place is not available for the requested dates, please refuse the request promptly so the traveler can be informed and continue with their accommodation search.
If you find that the traveler is hesitating, feel free to initiate a conversation before accepting their request. Trust between the host and the guest is essential, and open communication is an excellent way to promote this.
Finally, do not forget that your activeness on quickly responding to travelers (even if negative) is taken into account in the ranking of our listings. Take time to answer each traveler with a personalized message, and participate actively in the development of the gay travel community :-)