What are the steps to completing the ID verification process?

If you have received a link to complete your ID verification, you'll need to upload:

  1. A copy of your passport, ID or driver's license (make sure you scan both sides)
  2. A picture of yourself. This is very important as it allows our software to verify that your profile matches your ID. 

Tips for a successful verification

  • Ensure that your document is valid and not expired, and it is without hole punches or any other modifications. Your ID has to be in good condition to be properly verified.

How to Scan

  • Pick your license up when you scan it. Don’t leave it on a flat surface.
  • Hold your ID steady so the information is clearly visible, do not hide any information through your document and double check that the picture is not blurry after you have taken the photo
  • Do not forget to add the back of your ID in case it is not a passport

When providing a “selfie” of your face

  • You may be asked to provide a photo of your face to ensure a successful verification.

✓Your photo must not be the picture of your photo ID, it should be a different “selfie”

✓It is important that the picture only shows one person to be able to verify it

✓Make sure your face is not covered by sunglasses or caps/hats


What happens if the process fails?

We are aware that facial recognition services often mischaracterize transgender and non-binary individuals. Should this happen to you with a third party selected by misterb&b for ID verification, please contact our customer service so our agents can help you go through the process successfully.