Can my guests modify a reservation?

Yes, your guests have the option to modify a booking even though the booking has already been paid for and confirmed. However, as a host, you will have to accept these specific changes in order to confirm the new booking. 

If your traveler decides to make a modification you will have 24 hours to either accept or refuse these changes. If you accept them, the traveler will be asked to either pay for the remaining amount in order to confirm the booking, or they will be entitled to a refund (if the modification was for a shorter stay or for fewer guests). Once the traveler has processed the new payment for the remaining amount, the booking will be confirmed.

As a host, you also have the possibility to refuse the requested changes. In this case, the traveler will have the possibility to either keep the booking as is or cancel it. If they decide to cancel the booking, they will be refunded according to the host cancellation policies.

Please note that modifications cannot be done on the same day as check-in, or for any reservation booked through a channel manager.