Can I trust my traveler?

It is possible that you receive a booking request from a guest whose profile seems to be incomplete, which makes you hesitant to accept it.

For these cases, we strongly encourage our users to contact each other through the messages function of our platform in order to provide/ask for more information about one another (not contact information). For example, a short biography, motives for the journey, their experience with the site etc. 

Please note that you will not be penalized if you refuse a request. Your response rate is calculated according to your answers, whether positive or negative, that you provide within 24 hours following a reservation request. It is your reactivity which allows you to increase your position in the search results for your region.

Finally, please know that if you are concerned about a user's behavior, you can always report their profile or contact our Trust & Safety team at They will be happy to take a deeper look into the guest's profile.