What does it mean when someone’s ID has been checked?

In order to protect our users during online transactions on our platform, our system may take various security measures. One of them is to request an ID verification at any point in time after an account has been created.
The ID verification process requests a user to provide proof of ID in the form of an ID card, a driver's license, or a passport.
If a user has been ID-verified, it means that this person has successfully completed his/her ID verification by providing one of the documents mentioned above. These proceedings are meant to ensure safety for all users, and prevent fraudulent online activities.

Why should I complete my ID verification?
Completing the ID verification process means that other users will have greater trust in your profile. Some hosts may prefer their guests to complete their ID verification in order to accept a new booking request or experience. In the same way, this also encourages new misterb&b users to choose a verified host over a non-verified one. There will also be cases when we may ask you to complete your ID verification as a security measure. Please note that your proof of ID will never be shared with any other user. We simply want to offer the utmost safety for all our users, and such verification is part of the process. For any additional information concerning security and IDs, please click here.

How is an ID verified?
Users are sent a link from Netverify by Jumio (an online tool specialized in verification) where they will be requested to upload pictures of their ID cards and themselves. The software will analyze the documents provided, and make a decision regarding the validity of the verification process. Additionally, one of our agents from the Trust & Safety department will check that the documents belong to the specific person, who could be a host, a guest, or a credit card holder.
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