What does each booking status mean?

A booking may get several statuses based on the action made by the host or the traveler, or on the time frame in which the booking occurs. Below you'll see all the different statuses a booking can have, and the explanation of each:

NEW:  A booking request has been sent to the host and is awaiting an answer. 

EXPIRED: The booking was not approved/pre-approved/refused, and it expired. 

PRE-APPROVED: The host has pre-approved the message they received from the traveler within 24 hours. The booking is pre-approved and the traveler can process the payment in order to confirm the booking. 

REFUSED: The host declined the booking request they received from the traveler. 

ABANDONED: The traveler canceled the request before the host accepted or refused it.

ACCEPTED: The host has accepted the reservation request - time to pack those bags! 

CONTACTED: The traveler has contacted a host through the website. This is not a direct booking request, but the host has the option to pre-approve it if they wish.

RETRACTED: The traveler has canceled their booking, even though it had already been accepted by the host.

CANCELED: The host canceled the booking, even though they had already accepted it beforehand.