I have a business, may I list my properties on misterb&b?

Yes, if you have a business you can be part of the gay-friendly agencies on misterb&b. 

Please know that in order to be part of our gay-friendly agencies, we will require your business registration number along with your agreement to our Agency Charter.

  • Your agreement certifies that the management and staff of your agency welcome all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
  • You also agree to challenge homophobic and transphobic behavior, and you can ensure a positive and welcoming environment for our guests.
  • Through a courteous attitude, excluding judgment, your agency will work to guarantee an enjoyable stay for the LGBTQ clientele (information, safety, quality of service and discretion).

If your business meets these requirements, please contact us so you can be a part of our gay-friendly agencies.