Austin, TX

This page is only designed to give you an overview of the local requirements, but it is your duty to know and comply with the local laws. misterb&b is not a legal adviser : you should read carefully the relevant laws and contact a local adviser or the local authorities for further understanding.

The City of Austin has adopted the ordinance #20130926-144 on September 26, 2013, to regulate short-term rentals by amending City Code Chapters 25-2 and 25- 12.


Vacation Rental types

Vacation rentals means residential dwelling units or accessory buildings that are rented out for less than 30 consecutive days.

  • Type 1 Rentals - Owner occupied : rental of an entire unit or part of it (bedrooms) in the presence of the Host
  • Type 2 Rentals - Not Owner Occupied : rental of entire single-family or two-family properties in the absence of the Host
  • Type 3 Rentals - Multifamily/Commercial Non-Owner Occupied : rental of an entire unit in multifamily use buildings

Under the City’s ordinance, no more than 10 people can be inside the rental at once.

For a better understanding and contacts, see this flyer.


Vacation Rental License

Section 25-2-791 of the City Code makes it mandatory for vacation rentals to be licensed (one-year validity license). The licensing procedure can be found here, alongside with useful contacts.


Rentals requirements

Vacation rentals must respect every local, state and federal laws. Including, without limitation, Chapter 9-2 (Noise and Amplified Sound) and Chapter 25-12 (Technical Code) of the Austin City Code.

The Hosts must satisfy the notification requirements, by displaying a copy of the information packet they have been given during the licensing.


Hotel Occupancy Tax

The City of Austin assesses Hotel Occupancy Tax on any building in which the public may obtain sleeping accommodations for a cost of $2 or more each day for a consecutive duration of 30 days or less. The Hosts need to register to collect the tax from the Guests and remit it to the City. For more information about the registration and remittance procedures, visit this page.

The State of Texas levies Hotel Occupancy Tax on any room or space rented out for $15 or more each day. For more information about the rate, exemptions and the remittance process, visit this page.


For more information about short-term rentals in Austin City, visit this portal and this FAQ on the official website of the City of Austin.