Guide to write description

The single best advice is to stick to the truth! With that principle in mind, there are better ways to showcase your apartment to guests through your description. Description is the second thing they will see when glancing through your listing, and most travellers read description carefully, needless to say that their decision will largely be based on that. Keep in mind that travellers have turned on their vacation mode! And the more your description matches this mode, the more attracting it will be! Here are some tips we want to share with you.

  1. Find your selling point. What set your place apart from the others will be the reason why people are interested. Things like amenities you provide, specialty about your surroundings… anything that would attract vacationers is worth mentioning!
  2. Know your market position. The type of rental you are offering and the price you set will decide your target audience. Know them well and speak to their needs. For instance, if your place is perfect for couples, write about how your place is perfect for two persons, mention about romantic experience they can get etc.
  3. Mention about the surroundings. Guests usually have no clue about your city/town and are trying to understand whether it is convenient to stay in your place. Information of your surroundings including restaurant, transportations, attraction site will certainly give them more reason to book.
  4. It’s all about details. Yes, guests will definitely pick up some details when they look at your description. Make sure it’s completely honest! Check for your spelling and grammar if you can - a small gesture which suggests that you care.

What you should avoid:

Tip #1: Don’t give too much description about your house layout and room dimension. They can be seen in the pictures and they are not necessarily the main concern of travellers. Always remember, focus on vacation experience not the house itself!

Tip #2: Don’t give much basic details like kitchen setup or bathroom setup. Instead focus on unique things you can provide. This way you can keep your description not too long and tedious.

Tip #3: Don’t write too much about your rules and t&cs. They will be shown under your description.

Tip #4: Don’t write too much! Keep it to the main point with a few paragraph, and make it sound friendly and welcoming.