Before booking, please read cancellation policy and notice which one applies to the place you booked.

Two types of cancellation policies

Flexible conditions: full refund up to 7 days before arrival and 50% up to the first day of rental, except the service charge.

Strict conditions: 70% refund up to 14 days before rental and 30% until the eve of the rental.

Warning: misterb&b fees are retained.

1 reservation not approved

You will be fully refunded if your reservation is not approved. Please note that your payment will only be on temporary hold during the time of waiting for the approval of hosts. This is to say that the amount is still on your bank account, and will be released by your bank. However, due to the process time of your bank, refund might not immediately arrive on your bank account.

Temporary holds or authorizations

2 Pre-approval

This is only applicable if the host pre-approves your booking. Since pre-approval is non-committable, no charge will occur. If you do not wish to proceed with the booking, it will expire after 24 hours.

3 Confirmed reservation

Depending on the time of cancelation, and the cancelation policies set up by the host, you may not receive a 100% refund, and misterb&b fees will be retained. You will be refunded the remaining amount directly to your credit card. Be sure to contact the host to work out a solution. If you wish to cancel the booking or part of the booking, we will issue a refund if possible relating to the cancellation policy.

4 Force majeure: guest cancelation

In case of force majeure, misterb&b is ready for a full refund without going through the owner's cancellation policy. In the event that you arrive, proof will be required.

We intend to force majeure:


-Serious illness (direct or indirect)

-Natural disaster in the country of rental

-Political instability in the country of rental

If you have an issue that needs immediate attention or if you are injured in any kind of way you can contact the local authorities.

We would like to remind you that regarding to all kinds of refund, some banks may take longer than others to proceed between different countries and banks. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact misterb&b team at