Why Payment is late

Many reasons might be behind why the payment get delayed:

1 First time booking: Due to our policy, personal identification will not be asked for setting up an account. However, when the first transaction happens, a stricter policy of verifying identity will be activated to defend fraud on our website. Therefore, for the first time, payment might be halted for some time when checking and verifying the authenticity of this transaction as well as the identity of paying end. Mind that this process will only take place once. (During the time Payoneer might ask for your Identification document)

2 Payoneer: this might happen that the Payoneer team had some problem for transferring your money. You can either contact us or Payoneer to dig into the issues.

3 Updated bank information on misterb&b website: If you just made change of your account’s payment method, or your country of residence, it might take some time before we notice your change. Therefore, we appreciate it if you could inform us by email about the change of status. This is the fastest way that we get notified and transfer your payment right away.

4 If you wish to change your payment currency, please consult Payoneer(outside Europe).

See the currency policy

5 Sometimes we wired the money but the bank may take some time to process. Sometimes the transaction may be detained by your bank for some reason. In these cases, please consult your bank for detailed information.