This page is only designed to give you an overview of the local requirements, but it is the host duty to know the legislation and to comply with the local laws. misterb&b is not a legal adviser : you should have a look at the relevant laws and contact the local authorities or a local professional for further understanding.


Viviendas de Uso Turistico / Habitatge d'Ús Turístic

Habitatge d'Ús Turístic are dwelling units that are rented to a third party in exchange for a fee, for a period of up to 31 days, two times or more in a given year. If your rental unit fits this definition, it is regulated by the Tourist Act (law 13/2002 of June 21, 2002) and the decree 159/2012 of November 20, 2012.

Current regulations do not allow the rental of a bedroom / part of a unit while the Host is living in the unit. An apartment must be rented out as a whole in the Host's absence.


Registration process

Before listing your property, the Catalonian laws requires to send a prior communication to your City Council. To know more about the communication process in Barcelona, click here.

By filing a communication, you will be automatically registered to the Registro de Turismo de Cataluña. A registration number will be attached to your rentals that must be added on your misterb&b listing. To do so, when connected on your misterb&b account, you should go to “adress” > “edit my listing”.



The local laws set some requirements for the Hosts : including inter alia that the guests and the neighbors must be given a telephone number where they can join someone at anytime in case of incidents, the housing maintenance must be guaranteed by the Host and information about the Guests must be sent to the Directorate-General of Police through the Registre de viatgers d'establiments d'hostalatge.


Security laws

All Guests are required to fill in a registration form (parte de entrada) provided by the Host, at the check-in. A copy of each filled-in registration form must be communicated to the Police for every Guest over 16 years old (it can be done online). The originals must be kept by the Hosts for 3 years. To understand better your duty, see Orden INT/1922/2003sobre libros-registro y partes de entrada de viajeros en establecimientos de hostelería y otros análogos”.


Touristic tax

The Catalonian Parliament has introduced a touristic tax in Marc 2012 (law 5/2012) that can be assessed on “viviendas de uso turistico”. Out of Barcelona, this tax levies €0.50 by persons by nights, only the first 7 nights. Guests under 16 years old are exempted.

For further informations on the touristic tax, visit this portal on the Catalunian Ministry of Business and Knowledge website and this page on the Agencia Tribuitaria de Catalunya website.


For further informations about short-term rentals in Catalunya, see this FAQ about Habitatges d'ús turístic on the Ministry of Business and Knowledge website.