Add your bank information - Get paid through Payoneer

Since June 22nd, 2016 we have launched our new payment system through Payoneer, which will help you get paid in your own currency, way faster and with no fees!

To register your bank information into Payoneer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your country of residence: Under "My Account", go into "Account Settings" and check that your country of residence is correct (it has to match the country where your bank account is located). Once done, click “Save my city”.
  2. Under "Bank accounts", choose your payment method.
  3. On the pop-up box, fill in the fields to create your account through Payoneer (you need to provide a username and password).

Please, know that Payoneer may send you an email to activate your bank information, or ask you some additional information. Make sure you check your inbox or spam box.

If you changed your payment method during the time of a pending payment, please kindly inform us by email about this change. Your payment should then go through the new method right away.


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