How to leave a review

We encourge all our members to leave reviews for each and every experience within misterb&b community, hosts and travelers are both welcomed. Every review you see is based on a stay that happened through misterb&b site.

Writing a review

After your travel, you will receive an email to ask you for writing a review. You can also go to my travels, find past travels and write a review. You have 21 days to write a review after your stay.

Please leave your genuine opinions after an actual travel/host experience. It is important to leave a review that is true and clear. When registered on on website, you have agreed on the terms and conditions and hold responsibility for your own speech. Hence misterb&b reserves the right to remove reviews that violate internet regulation.

Remember that your review makes a big difference:

provide constructive information that helps the community make better decisions.

Help valuable hosts to win good reputation within the community

Help our ranking system to identify the best listings

Where to see my reviews

You can find all the received reviews in your profile page. Go to my profile, click on preview my profile.

You will also see the review you left for host/guest on their profile page

When your guest/host write you a review, you will be notified through an Email. In the email you will be directed to the page to write a review for your guest/host. Please note that only when you write a review for the other can you see the review the other person left.

Can I delete a review?

No. Reviews can't be changed or deleted.

Can I leave a review for a canceled reservation?

Reviews can’t be written for canceled reservations. However, misterb&b site will leave an automatic review for every booking cancelled. Cancellation will also be counted in our system for ranking the listing.