What would happen if a Host cancels a booking or do not respond to booking requests?

Not responding to booking requests

Naturally, you have a right to decline an individual reservation request : that will not impact in a negative way your listing's placement in search results.

However, it is the very spirit of misterb&b to build a welcoming community. Then, if you decline many of the reservation requests sent to you, or ignore them repeatedly, your search result placement will be negatively impacted.

Cancellation of a booking

If you already have accepted the reservation, you are still able to cancel it. Nonetheless, you may be subjected to cancellation penalties:

  • 25 USD/EUR penalty for cancellations occurring before 7 days prior to the arrival date.
  • 100 USD/EUR penalty for cancellations occurring up to 7 days before the arrival date.

Those fees will be withheld from your future payouts. In addition, misterb&b may keep the calendar for your Listing unavailable or blocked for the dates of the cancelled booking or publish an automated review on your Listing indicating that a reservation was cancelled.

We understand that some unpredictable serious events can prevent you from hosting. In those situations, we would not apply cancellation fees. For more informations about our Extenuating Circumstances Policy, see this page.

In any case, if difficulties of any kind arise for you to receive your Guest, you should contact our Help Center as we might be able to help you.