How to improve my ranking of the listings?

The ranking of each listing, in each city, is dependent on an algorithm that takes into account the followings:

How complete the listing is, i.e. number of photos (certified?), length of description, amenities, etc. Follow the steps of creating your listing and provide as much information as possible.

The activeness of the host (responsive time, refusals, cancellations)

We value the effort of hosts who always make fast reply to guests’ requests and keep their calender updated. Your response rate and responsiveness are notified on your misterb&b page. And active users are naturally higher on the ranking place.

The quality of the listing

The quality will be perceived mostly based on reviews and overall number of reservations.

. The more reviews at a higher rate, the higher your listing will appear in the rankings.  Naturally so does it work for the number of reservations.

Certification: certified by our website is one way to uplift your ranking

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