To check the availability of a listing, simply insert the beginning date and end date of your stay when searching.You can also visit the calendar to check availability of the accommodation and the price on the listing page.

Nevertheless, we still have a number of hosts who do not update their calendar; accommodations appear as "available" does perhaps not always. To avoid this situation, we advise you to contact the host first by clicking on the blue button “CONTACT HOST”. This function does not need you to provide credit card information. It is encouraged so that you can be in contact with as many hosts as you want, before you decide. If a host responds with a Pre-approval, it means that he has confirmed the availability of his place at your desired travelling dates, and you are welcomed to book within 24 hours. You can also ignore a pre-approve without any charge.


Go to my listings, find the listing that you want to update, and click on edit hosting. Find the calendar, and modify the availabilities by clicking on the calendar.

It's important to share up-to-date availability for your listings to ensure that you won't receive reservation requests for dates that you can't accommodate.

If you need to decline a reservation request because you accidentally made your calendar available when it should be blocked, be sure to let the guest know so they can have enough time to plan their stay elsewhere.

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Why is keeping calendar updated important as a host?