will I be charged immediately after I entered credit card information?

Temporary holds or authorizations 

When you send a reservation request to a host and enter your credit card, your bank holds the amount of the booking from your account until the booking is accepted by the host. This is called an authorization.

The authorization will become an actual charge only if the reservation is approved. The funds are deducted from your payment account at this time.If the host refuses the booking, or if it expires, the authorization from your bank gets cancelled and the funds are then released back into your account. Some banks may take a little time to make them show on your account, if it takes more than 24 hours please contact your bank.

To avoid multiple payment authorisations that block your bank account, we advise you to contact the host first by clicking on the blue button “CONTACT THE HOST” . They will have 24 hours to pre-approve your request. Once you receive a pre-approve, you will have 24 hours to confirm it by making a payment. As no banking information is required to contact the host, you will not have any money held from you bank account if your request is refused or expired.