Making the best of your listing

Making the best of your listing

Here are few tips to enhance your chance of being booked:

A clear headshot style profile picture. The listings with profile photos are more likely to be selected by our guests. It is also of safety concerns and creating trustful feelings.

Amenities. Amenities are the useful or fun features your space provides.

While essentials like soap, toilet paper, Wi-Fi, and towels are often provided by most hosts, you can also consider additional amenities to set your place apart. For example, many travellers would appreciate amenities like a hair blower, nibbling, and coffee machine to make their stay more comfortable. And the fact shows that amenities you provide are simply to become the reason a guest choose you apart from others. Make sure to state clearly what you will provide so that your guests can plan their luggages.

If you still find it hard to attract booking requests, check if you fulfilled these key points:

  1.                 Competitive price
  2.                 Keep calendar updated
  3.                 Quality photos
  4.                 Complete detailed profile
  5.                 Spread the word on your social media!

If necessary, do not hesitate to lower the price to attract potential guests. Once you have a presence with more strong reviews, you can consider raise the price to be on par with listings in your area.  It is always better to rent your property at a lower rate rather than no rent at all!

How to improve my ranking of the listings?