Making contact with your host

How to contact the host

To contact a host before making a reservation, click the "Contact host" (blue button) below the profile picture of the host. It is encouraged to contact the host to check availability for your desired dates before you make a booking. Be sure to have read the listing, and take the time to write a message introducing yourself and reasons for travel. (inquiry only). The host will have 24 hours to reply or pre-approve your inquiry.

By sending the message, you are possibly to receive a pre-approval from the host, which confirm the availability and allows you to book immediately. You can opt for booking or ignore the pre-approval as you wish.

You can find all your conversation on misterb&b message platform. Click on your profile on the left corner and find Message on the column. We remind you to contact host only on our website. misterb&b will not hot responsibility of any conversation and transaction outside our website.

After your booking is paid and confirmed, you will get full contact information of your host in the confirmation email.

I have not heard back from a host


Someone tried to arrange communication outside the misterb&b site.

We provide a safe and secure platform for all of our users, hosts and travelers alike. Though the majority of transactions and communication are without problems, there are still those that try to conduct fraudulent activity.

All legitimate transactions are processed directly on the misterb&b  site using a credit/debit card. If you are asked to contact a host outside the site, and to process payment, do please contact the misterb&b support team at

misterb&b will never ask you for payment details via email. If you receive an email from anyone with email extension, and they are asking for payment details, again, contact the support team at

You will never be redirected to another site, or be told that the payment system is not working properly, nor will you be sent PDF invoice prompting payment. Key words to help identify a possible scam, or fraudulent activity are : Bank Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, money order, cashier’s check. Remember, all payments are processed directly on the misterb&b  site by using a credit or debit card. If you are sent to another site via a link sent on the messaging server, or sent a PDF version of an invoice, contact us immediately at

Keeping the payments and communications on the internal misterb&b  messaging platform is the best way to keep you safe and secure, and more importantly, you will be covered by our insurance policy. If any payment is processed outside of the website, we are not able to protect you via the insurance, nor will we be able to assist you in recuperating the funds lost.