How to create, connect, and personalise your profile

Go to our home page, Click "Sign up" in the top right and complete the form that appears. When creating your account, a password minimum of 6 characters is required. Read our terms and conditions and click "register" ... That's it, you are now part of the community misterb&b : Welcome!

To sign in to your account misterb&b, simply go to and click Login. Insert your email address and password and you are connected! Your profile picture now appears in the upper left corner.

Now it's time to configure your account and tweak your profile. Take the time to add a profile photo of yourself and a detailed description of who you are.

The information that is visible to potential guests will be your first name and the first letter of your family name. Your description and other information about you, i.e. age, will also be visible.

Enjoy browsing the tabs to familiarise yourself with your account misterb&b : my messages, my listings (empty if you are traveler), my reservations, my account.

If you have a doubt or question, please contact the misterb&b  team at ! We will be happy to help you.

Where to see my reviews

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