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Cleaning fee

You are allowed to add a cleaning fee by adding it directly to your listing under the "Price and Conditions" option. The guest will pay this directly, and in turn, when you are compensated for the rental, the cleaning fee will be included in the overall payment.

Security Deposit

The security deposit is handled directly between the host and guest, meaning that misterb&b does not incorporate this on the platform. We highly advise that the host adds a security deposit for their own protection in the event of smaller damages and missing objects. Again, this is dealt with directly between the host and guest.

Deleting messages on misterb&b

For the time being, it is not possible to delete or rearrange messages on the internal messaging system. This is due to security and trackability. 

Deleting a listing

You have created a listing for your accommodation but it is now no longer available for rent? No need to delete your account,  as you have the ability to hide your listing so that it no longer appears in search results. And if your accommodation becomes available again, you can reactivate it just as easily.

In the event that you want to delete your listing, please contact us at

Can I promote my listing on my blog or social networks?

Always great to promote your listing and rent your accommodation when it is available! Feel free to share the URL of your listing(s) on social networks. (do not forget to tag misterb&b)! More tips to enhance your ranking:

How to edit my listing(s)

Once you have created your listing, login to your account misterb&b, go to "My listings" and then click on the listing you want edit, by clicking edit hosting. Here you can change the description, photos, rates, rental conditions, and your calendar.

Is it possible to transfer a listing from my profile to another?

There is still no technical way to do this unfortunately, but do not hesitate to contact the misterb&b team who will be happy to help you to recreate a listing on your new profile.

Changing your rates

To change your rates, simply visit your ad in the editing workspace. In the right column, select "Prices and conditions"; here you have the option to change your rates as you like!

On a basic tariff with a fixed price per night, you have the opportunity to customize your pricing policy more accurately, according periods (holiday periods or events in the region) or recurrence (days of the week or the weekend, for example).

You can also change day by day and assign price reduction from a week or a month rental.

What if the dwelling address that I rent does not exist on misterb&b?

misterb&b, uses Google Maps for geolocation. The majority of addresses are listed there but it may be that your address is not recognized by the system when creating your ad. In this case, insert an existing address on Google Maps close to your home stating clearly in the description of your property location of the real one.

In the event that the location does not work at all, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Are there any limit on the number of ads per account?

No results for your limit, you can create as many as you want on a single account.

I am a professional of welcome, may I list my properties on misterb&b?

Absolutely, Simply create an ad by choosing the category "Agency".

Can I post my ad on other sites as well as on misterb&b?

There are different rental housing sites between individuals. Feel free to use several if you wish, but be sure to maintain your availability calendars to avoid any situation of "double booking" (two accepted bookings for the same dates) . How to manage it:

Can I insert photos in my apartment with an external website logo?

Be aware that photos posted on another website belong to the company that commissioned the photographer and so we have no right to use them in misterb&b.

Do I have the right to refer to external sites?

In accordance with our Terms and Conditions (Art. 19.4), we do not allow any link to an external site misterb&b in your description text or pictures and we will remove the content or photos concerned.