How to manage calendar of different websites

How to manage listings on different websites

If you rent your place across several rental sites between individuals, avoid any risk of double bookings and save time by synchronising your calendar via iCal. We highly recommend you to keep your calendar on our website up to date and be ready to accept booking requests.

On misterb&b:

  1. Login to your profile misterb&b
  2. Click "My Listings"
  3. Select "Edit hosting"
  4. Select "Calendar" from the tabs on the left
  5. To the right, you will notice an export link. You can copy this link and paste it into your other profile(s) on other platforms.
  6. You will notice that there is a space for importing a link. You can acquire this link by following similar steps on another platform. You paste that link in the field mentioned.
  7. Once saved, the calendars will become synched, and with each new booking across whichever platform, will block dates on the other calendar.

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