Understanding reservations

You have entered your dates, in your desired city, and the search results appear. Now you have two options:

 (blue button) to ask availability
 (pink button) to send a reservation request directly

Asking availability is non committal, and does not need you to provide credit card information. It is encouraged so that you can be in contact with as many hosts as you want, before you decide. If a host responds with a Pre-approval, it means that he has confirmed the 
availability of his place at your desired travelling dates, and you are welcomed to book within 24 hours. If you are not interested, you can let it expire without any charges. 

You can also send a reservation request directly, and you will be prompted to enter your credit card information to complete reservation. Once the host accepts the reservation, you will be sent a confirmation email with the contact information of the host. Your card will be charged accordingly. To guarantee your money safety, Only after your stay will misterb&b send payment to your host.

IMPORTANT: Never make contact with a host outside of the misterb&b platform before a reservation is confirmed. And never make payment outside of our safe and secure platform. 

How do I tell if a reservation is accepted or confirmed?

When will my credit card be charged by misterb&b ?

Instant booking

How do I cancel my reservation?

I have not heard back from a host, what to do?