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Can I ask for a receipt for my booking?

For hosts, you can get your receipt by going directly to your misterb&b account. Go to "My bookings", and click on "Get a bill" below the desired reservation.

for travellers, Go to "my travels", you can find “Upcoming travels” and “Past travels”, click on "Get a bill" below the desired reservation.

Is it possible to make payment on arrival?

No, you must pay your booking through our online secure system. Paying outside our system exposes you to fraud.

Starting December 10, 2018, hosts are not allowed to request payment of the Security Deposit upon arrival anymore. It is now being handled 100% online upon booking confirmation (read how the claim center works).

Payouts to host are only made in euros or US dollars.

However, the currency offered on the site are: euro, US dollars, pounds sterling, yen, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, rubles.

This is for your convenience to evaluate and convert the cost of your reservation in your currency directly.

Can I pay in installments my reservation?

For security reasons, we do not accept payment in installments.

What should I do if a host claims me more than what I paid on the site?

With misterb&b, payment is made in advance and online, so do not in any condition agree on any transaction outside the site! We strongly recommend that you carry out all your transactions directly via the secure payment misterb&b platform and never accept off-site request. Any request for money that does not go by our platform will not be provided by misterb&b.

How to add a traveler or a company name to my invoice?

For travellers, you will find the place to fill out invoice information at the moment of payment, such as name/adresse etc...

For hosts, the invoice of your booking will be issued automaticly in the name of your profile. If any changes need to be made to an invoice, contact the misterb&b team at if you need help.

I received a message from an owner in a language I do not understand

If you are having trouble communicating with your host, please contact the misterb&b team who will be happy to assist you. Our customer support is international and is able to translate in many languages.

A listing looks suspicious

If you have any doubt about the quality of a listing please do not hesitate to contact the misterb&b team!

A host seems to me suspicious

Any doubt or suspicion, please contact the misterb&b team. Remember to never make contact with a host outside of the misterb&b platform without a reservation being confirmed. If you are given an email or other contact information via our internal messaging platform, please do contact us immediately at

Are pets allowed?

It is quite possible if your host allows it. You can check for information on the listing or contact hosts to inquire. As long as the owner of the apartment in question is aware of the pet situation, you can surely bring your pets.


iOS and Android application are available for smartphones and tablets. Please note that It is possible that some functions may not be available yet on our app, since we are still implementing it as much as possible to get the best adaption. If you find some missing fuctions, please log into your account online from a computer to check it. We are also grateful if you can report any bugs and malfunctions at .