Extenuating circumstances: Host cancellation

In the case of the cancellation of a booking by the host, misterb&b may apply peculiar penalties to the Host. Nonetheless, misterb&b recognizes that a cancellation may arise from certain extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the Host.

In order to benefit from our Extenuating circumstances policy, you must submit a claim to misterb&b within 5 days after the date of cancellation. misterb&b reserves the right to ask for any documents in support of your claim.

These exceptional cases consist of:

  • The death of one of your immediate family members (mother, father, sister, brother, child and/or partner). In this case, you shall provide misterb&b with valid proof of your relationship to the deceased party. A valid proof of partnership includes a marriage certificate, civil union certificate, common-law relationship proof or cohabitation proof (common life certificate; common bank account certificate; or a rent receipt, electricity or water bill issued in both names);
  • A disease or injury, seriously endangering your life or jeopardizing your future well-being, making it impossible or extraordinarily difficult for you to host. misterb&b will assess the seriousness of such disease in light of the recommendations or alerts of credible authorities such as the French Health Minister, the US Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization;
  • The intervention of any competent national or international authority to restrict your ability to host;
  • A severe weather incident or natural disaster making impossible or extraordinarily difficult for you to host.


Note that if you have an issue that needs immediate attention or if you are injured you can contact the local authorities.

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