Fabul'hosts program

If You are a great misterb&b host and want travelers to recognize you as such quickly.

Becoming a Fabul'Host will allow you to have more visibility on our website, and ensures that our customers will book with you!
Guests will know that you have the necessary experience to make sure their guests have a great time during their stay.

What are the criteria for becoming a Fabul'Host?

A Fabul'Host is a host who knows misterb&b, and knows how to handle his bookings.
It will be necessary for you to have at least 3 completed reservations in the last year, to be able to be part of this program.

Being a good host is linked with effectiveness, you should keep at least 85% response rate, that way travelers will know that they can count on a quick response when contacting you.

In addition, misterb&b gives great importance to having well qualified listings, hence the need for you to go after your guest's reviews.

To participate in the Fabul'Hosts program, you must have at least 90% of reviews of at least four stars, and at least 50% of your travelers leaving reviews.

Therefore, it is your responsability to ask your travelers if necessary, and do your best to make sure their stay is great; So you only get positive reviews!

Finally, you should not canceled any reservations. In fact, as a host, it is your duty to be able to guarantee to your guests that their stay will not be canceled at the last minute. Put yourself in their place, it would be very inconvenient if your accommodation is canceled a few days before your trip to the other side of the world …

How are the criteria updated?

misterb&b is based on qualifying periods, which allows you to reset the counter to 0, in order to have all the possibilities of obtaining the Fabul'Hosts qualification.

Qualifying Period 1: beginning January 1
Qualifying period 2: beginning on April 1
Qualifying period 3: beginning on July 1
Qualifying period 4: beginning on October 1

If you do not meet the criteria for this program, do not panic! you can apply for the next qualifying period.
So be sure to be well prepared and do not miss out on this opportunity!