Palma de Majorque

This page is only designed to give you an overview of some local requirements, but it is your duty to know and comply with the local laws. misterb&b is not a legal adviser : you should read carefully the relevant laws and contact a local adviser or the local authorities for further understanding.


Type of housing

According to article 47 of the decree 20/2015, “empresas comercializadoras de estancias turisticas en viviendas” is defined as “las personas físicas o jurídicas que comercializan el uso de viviendas que, teniendo la disposición y la configuración de una vivienda unifamiliar aislada o pareada, en principio ideada para uso residencial, prestan servicios de alojamiento turístico que se alterna con el uso propio y residencial que tiene la vivienda en las condiciones establecidas en la presente ley y en sus disposiciones de desarrollo”. So short-term rentals is permitted in single-family house rentals, either detached houses (“vivienda unifamiliar aislada”) or attached houses / townhouses (“vivienda unifamiliar pareada”). Short-term rentals is not permitted in multifamily buildings.

According to article 50 § 3 of the law 8/2012, only the rentals of the whole dwelling are permitted for a period that does not exceed 2 months


Occupancy standards and requirements

The local law only permits the rentals in the limits of 6 bedrooms and 12 guests maximum. Rentals may count at least one bathroom for 1 to 5 guests, 2 bathrooms for 6 to 8 guests, 3 bathrooms to 9-11 guests and 4 bathrooms for 12 guests.

You can find here a list of requirements and mandatory furnitures. Mind that the law requires also to provide the Guests with a telephone number to reach you or a local contact, 24/7 in case of emergency.A distinctive board must be displayed at the entrance, specifying both the group and the category of the rental. Annex I of the decree 20/2015 provides models.


Registration in the “Registro de empresas, actividades y establecimientos turísticos”

Operate a short-term rental requires to register at the Registro de Empresas, Actividades y Establecimientos Turísticos. The procedure implies to file some documents to an office of the Administración autonómica : including a solicitud de inscripción de ET, a declaración responsable de inicio de actividad turística ET, a descriptive report of the rental unit, a self-assessment grid of the requirements satisfied by the unit (a 70-points threshold must be reached in order to be allowed to rent out the unit).

Once the registration completed, the registration number beginning by ETV (for "estancia turística en viviendas”) should be included on your misterb&b listings. To do so, when connected on your misterb&b account, you should go to “edit my listing” > “address. In advertising your rental, you have to comply with rules stated in articles 86 and 87 of the decree 20/2015.

For more information about the registration procedure, visit this page on the official Balearic Islands Government website.



The rental price must include some mandatory services : periodic cleaning ; sheets, linens, common household goods and the replacement of it ; facilities maintenance. According to article 19 of the law 8/2012, the prices and the characteristic of the services that are offered to the Guest must be detailed out, and reported on a bill provided to the Guest.



Local laws request the hosts to maintain liability insurance of at least € 300,000 (with a maximum franchise of € 600 per claim).


Security laws

All Guests are required to fill in a registration form (parte de entrada) provided by the Host, at the check-in. A copy of each filled-in registration form must be communicated to the Police for every Guest over 16 years old (it can be done online). The originals must be kept by the Hosts for 3 years. To understand better your duty, see Orden INT/1922/2003sobre libros-registro y partes de entrada de viajeros en establecimientos de hostelería y otros análogos”.



Law 2/2016 of March 30, 2016 introduced a tourist tax on every tourist stay in the Balearic islands. The tax varies from 0.25 € to 2 euros by night, according to the type of rentals and the time of the year. The Hosts have the duty to collect it from the Guests and remit it to the Balearic Government.

For more information on short-term rentals, visit this page on the Official website of the Balearics Islands Government.